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Patagonia with Boundless Journeys

– Written by Boundless Journeys’ Vietnam guest Barbara H.

Travel to VietnamBecause my husband is in the furniture business, our guide Elske arranged for a visit to a village that makes heavy, traditional Asian furniture. Dong Ky was a real highlight for all of us with its narrow muddy streets, open-air workshops with craftsmen at work, houses under construction, herbalist conducting her business on the street, another woman plucking gray hairs out of her customer’s head — all the sights of daily life and definitely NOT a place that sees tourists! We walked around the town for about an hour and then drove on to a roadside tent where the locals stop for bean curd wrapped in banana leaves, peanuts wrapped in sugar and rice wine that is really more of a liqueur. We squatted like the locals (ouch!) and had a unique and very authentic experience. Our driver was somewhat shocked that we wanted to do this, but then was quite impressed by our curiosity and enthusiasm. It is precisely this kind of custom-tailoring — adapting the trip to the style and spirit of the travelers — that keeps us coming back to Boundless Journeys. It was one of the most exciting days of our wonderful trip.

Vietnam Local PharmacistThe local pharmacist  diagnoses the proper herbs for her patient on the side of the road.





Vietnam Family LifeMothers and grandmothers with their babies come to this shop for a soupy rice that is put into bowls or baby bottles.





Baby on Motorbike in VietnamNo such thing as a safety seat for babies on motorbikes!





Handmade Furniture in VietnamShe is carving the ornate wood furniture that is sold all over Vietnam.

Workshops are open to the street and offer us a glimpse of the private living space upstairs. The muddy, crude working conditions downstairs do not match the colorful private homes that sit directly on top of them.



Vietnam: Cultural Explorer
All senses will be engaged on this active exploration of the natural and cultural treasures of Vietnam.

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- Katharine Svenson, Spain: Vintage Rioja

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